DNA Paternity Testing in the Philippines

What we offer is simply the best guaranteed DNA paternity testing in the world. All of our testing will be performed at our AABB accredited laboratory in Missouri USA. Since we perform all of our own testing, we have complete control over the safeguards and testing quality to insure every customer gets a complete accurate and thorough paternity test.

We have a 99.99% guarantee on every paternity test, whether it be legal, or just a home test for your own personal knowledge. As far as we know, we are the only laboratory to offer such a high guarantee on every test. This includes much more difficult tests such as a Paternity Test without the mother, and with a mutation. Please click here to read more about our guarantee.

Our commitment is to provide customers with the best Paternity Testing available, with the best price and service possible.

If you are in the process with immigrating to the United States from the Philippines, please call us so we help you with this difficult process. Since we have our own collection agent in the Philippines to deal with immigration cases at the United States Embassy. We can help you move the process more quickly, and more affordably then other Laboratories.